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In 2007, massive floods displaced some 60,000 farmers and fishermen in the Budalangi district of western Kenya. Unfortunately the tragic incident was not unique for the region...the waters of the River Zoia flood annually, destroying crops, displacing families, and spreading water borne diseases such as cholera.

In any emergency, water is a priority. If clean water is not available, then disaster victims will drink contaminated water. Because of this urgency, governments and disaster relief agencies often rely on bottled water during the first phase of a disaster. But bottled water is difficult, and very expensive, to deliver, consuming time and money. There is a now a better alternative to bottled water: The HydroPack. The HydroPack, developed by Hydration Technology Innovations (HTI), is a half liter membrane pouch filter that self hydrates when placed in any contaminated water source. Only pure water passes through the membrane as contaminants are blocked. It's lightweight, for fast and inexpensive delivery. One helicopter load of HydroPacks is equal to 15 helicopters of bottled water. Because the HydroPack is so simple to use, disaster victims have no problem using this technology properly, ensuring pure fluids every time. The HydroPack also provides calories and other nutrients important for the health and well-being of disaster victims. Perhaps most importantly, the HydroPack tastes good. Where chemically treated water is often resisted, especially by children, the HydroPack is accepted and loved by children around the world. Hearts and Hands International will be departing to the Budalangi District of Kenya on April 15th to distribute the HydroPacks in preparation for the flooding season.

HTI has agreed to supply Hearts and Hands International with a discounted rate for any HydroPacks purchased for this humanitarian mission. Your donation to Hearts and Hands International will pre-position urgently needed HydroPacks in Kenya prior to this year's flooding season in April, ensuring quick delivery in case of a disaster and helping avoid the tragic consequences of waterborne disease.

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